Week 11-Graphing Linear inequalities in two Variables

PART 1:If you want to slove the graph is in which part of, you can use the test point



Is (-3, 4) can be in this part?

so 3(-3)-2(4)>(=)-16



From there we can see this point can be the formula used

so if this point is outside, so you can draw the part inside(can be use), so if this point is inside, you can draw outside(can be use).

WARN:And don’t forgot if the formula have (=) the line should be the soild line, if there is no (
=),so the line should be the broken line!


we learn from grade 10

How much solution can linear system have?

There possible:1 , countless ,no

And we leaned the possible of two quadratic functions

one, two and none

two solution is the max

same with the linear function with the quadratic function

(use the desmos if you can’t see the solutions(the point or points that they meet)

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