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I Can Statement Write – English Honours 11

As an English student, I would describe myself as someone who is hard working, creative, and often an over-achiever. I love to write both creatively and persuasively, always aiming to receive the highest mark I can. I strive to improve on my mistakes and I can act on feedback as something to work on in the future. My strengths in English include creative writing, as well as proper grammar and punctuation. I can analyze online or written sources to check if they are accurate or not. I also enjoy working in a group and can respectfully share my ideas while still listening to others, or helping them if they need. If I am passionate about something, I can pursue that interest and carry it into my writing as something of importance to me. This semester I would like to work on improving my skills of essay writing, specifically planning and organizing the points before writing the essay itself. I would also like to practice editing my writing so it is more concise and less wordy. Overall, I am excited to experience this semester of English and I look forward to every new skill I will learn.