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Desmos Art Functions Card 2023

This is my Desmos graphing project from Pre Calculus 12. We were asked to choose an image and recreate it on, using graphs and function notation.

This is the original photo I used:

This is my final project:


  1. I figured out which equations to use by starting out with more basic ones, such as parabolas, trig functions, and linear functions. Then as I got more comfortable with the process I incorporated other functions like exponential, radical, and circle relations.
  2. I had a few challenges at first, the main one being using proper function notation. After realizing how to do this, I had to change some of the functions I had written incorrectly. Thankfully I had not done that many, so it was fairly easy to fix.
  3. One “aha moment” I had was when I figured out how to create custom colours using an ‘rgb’ code. I found this fun and interesting as I did not realize it was possible with Desmos. I was able to create the exact colours I needed to create my project and be creative with the tone and shade of each one.
  4. I got help from my teacher when needed, as well as from examples I found online for specific types of functions or relations. For example, I wasn’t sure what the equation would look like for an ellipse, so I went to and it showed me an example. This helped me in creating my own functions and then transforming them to fit with the lines for my project.
  5. The main strategy I used to complete this project was proper time management. I made a goal to work on this project over time instead of at the last minute. I added a little bit to the image each day. I often procrastinate with homework, so I wanted to make sure I was focused on this as I know it is a time consuming project. Managing my time and doing small amounts over a few weeks helped me finish it on time, and prevented me from being stressed right before the due date.
  6. This assignment helped me understand the transformation of functions and relations by allowing me to see the visual graph of every function I created. It also gave me a new perspective as to what you can do with math. I think it is interesting how you can create a visual art piece using only numbers and graphs. Overall, I enjoyed working on this project and I learned a lot!