Cell Lab

In my haste to finish the worksheet, I forgot to take a picture of the plant cell. I found a picture on the internet that most resembled what I saw in the microscope.

  1. Plant cells are oblong and slightly hexagonal. In my microscope, I could only see the cell wall and membrane, which is the surrounding area around each cell. If I’m labeling things correctly, I also might have see the cytoplasm. Animal cells are round. In my microscope, I could see the cellular membrane, what I presume is cytoplasm, and the nucleus
  2. You can tell them apart because, as I said before, plant cells are hexagonal and long, while animal cells are rounder and smooth
  3. I think it was to add colour. On the plant cell, the onion had purple (from the “shell” outside part). But since the animal cell has no added colour to it, it would be harder to see without adding a little bit of colour to it.
  4. I didn’t really learn anything in this lab because we did something very similar to it last year in science class. A question I have is how does all of this just happen? I know there is something in the system that creates cells but I just can’t comprehend it all.

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