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For the core competency, I chose collaboration skill as my high point. If someone were to put out an opinion on the project that I didn’t think was the best, I wouldn’t tell them it was a bad idea. I would change their idea to make it better. If someone suggested something against what I thought was good, I could suggest a compromise everyone could agree on. But I was always sure to make my voice heard, and if one of us were talking to much, I could ask the other what they thought.


I think that, with the reasons above, I do good in group projects. Most times, I usually become the natural leader. In this case, though, Quinn was definitely our leader. He understood the topic a lot more than I think Cassidy and I did. There were a lot of moments where Quinn was doing the majority of the work. He was the most prepared for the final day, and since I am not good at talking in front of people, I might have jeopardized his chances at getting good marks on this project (explanation in my debrief).


What did I learn?

I learned that it is actually possible for grade 9s to create things that could actually help the world. Looking at all the other projects in the class, you can tell that they feel strongly, and there were a few that I could actually see being a useful thing in the near future.


What did I like/dislike?

I liked the liberty we had. If you could think of a way to create something, you could pick it and elaborate on it. I didn’t like how we didn’t have much time to do the initial set up (finding a good topic, researching).

What would I do differently? Advice to past self?

If I were to restart this project, I think I would try to be more invested in it. I don’t think I actually considered this as important until a few weeks before the actual presentation day. I also think I would try and help more with the research and the creation of it, since for the majority of the time we just fooled around with the equipment, making the wings fly over and over again even though we knew it worked, not changing anything.

In the actual presentation, the “Dragons” kind of put me on the spot to think of something to say about the product. Since I’m not good at talking in front of  people even when I have notes prepared, I froze. I started my sentence with “and, umm…”, said “thingy” multiple times, and probably ended my part with “and, so, yea,” which I don’t think any of that is very professional. Like I said before, I would definitely do more research, just so situations like that don’t happen

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  1. Mr. Robinson

    You did a great job sharing what you learned regarding your innovation. Your readers might be interested to hear more about your Wings idea in this post. Your reflection, however, is very good. I really like how you have objectively looked at how you were coming across during your presentation. Excellent post.


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