Math Journal #2

Page 567 Question #7

I found this question pretty easy but i was just a little confused with some parts.

The question gave us a graph where we had to label the equation y=2, we also had to identify the values of and b. The question was honestly pretty straight forward and if you know how to plot points on a graph and find coordinates you’re good to go.

The question also asked to state the x and y intercepts and that was easy to answer because there is no x-intercept in the equation y=2 and i also had to find the domain and range of the function which i was a little confused about a first but after looking back at notes i figured it out.

There was also like a part 2 to the question where they gave me the equation y=2x – 4 and all i really had to do was plot that on the graph and find the point of intersection between the 2 lines.

Overall the question was pretty easy and i wouldn’t mind if the test had a question like this on it



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