Math Journal #3

When you look for the x-intercept given a question, you set y=0 then solve for x. Why is that? Well, when the line goes through the x axis instead of the y axis you set the y-coordinate to 0, because you’re finding the x-intercept not the y-intercept example: (4,0)

Math Journal #2

Page 567 Question #7 I found this question pretty easy but i was just a little confused with some parts. The question gave us a graph where we had to label the equation y=2, we also had to identify the values of m and b. The question was honestly pretty straight forward and if you know how to […]

Math Journal #1, Unit 10

Page 479, Question #3 When i first saw the question i noticed it was a long question. But in the word problem it clearly stated the information i needed to figure out the questions 3a-f. The word problem stated that data was recorded for the number of cups of hot coco sold at BGB Senior […]