Math Journal #1, Unit 10

Page 479, Question #3

When i first saw the question i noticed it was a long question. But in the word problem it clearly stated the information i needed to figure out the questions 3a-f.

The word problem stated that data was recorded for the number of cups of hot coco sold at BGB Senior High School. It was found from the data that the warmer the weather, the less cups of hot coco were sold, which makes a lot of sense because who is going to drink hot coco in hot weather…

I was given this equation: N(t)= 150 – 10t , where N(tis the daily number of cups of hot coco sold when the average daily temperature is t C

In the question 3b the book gives me temperatures that i plug in to the equation N(t)= 150 – 10 and that will help me determine the number of cups that were sold that day with that temperature. I was given the temperature N(-5). Then in question 3d the average temperature if 190 cups of hot coco were sold.

My calculator is super high tech and its relatively easy to punch in the equation into my calculator when i was given the temperatures and cups. If there is anything I had a trouble with it was definitely explaining the meaning of how to estimate the lower limit of the domain of the relation(3e) I was just kind of confused with what it was asking me, like it possibly could of been worded differently, but i usually always have trouble explaining things in every subject so its nothing new. I also occasionally have trouble with plotting some information on the graph but that really depends on the question itself.

Overall, i honestly didn’t mind this question and i would probably do more questions like this for practice, and if it was on the test i would feel pretty confident, but maybe if it was worded in a way that made sense you know.


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