Decimals vs Fractions

Decimals and fractions are, in almost all ways, interchangeable. Most of the time, you can convert a decimal into a fraction and a fraction into a decimal, but what if you had to choose between the two? What if you could only use fractions and never use a decimal ever again, or vice versa? It’s a difficult question, absolutely, but a choice must be made. For me, the choice is difficult. Fractions are easier to see and visualize, and as a visual learner, incredibly useful. However, decimals are easy to put on a basic number line and there is no need to convert decimals into fractions if fractions don’t exist. Therefore, since fractions have proved redundant, and I can just as easily visualize decimals, I will have to banish fractions from the face of the universe forever, and keep the decimals.

But hey, at least I’m only a grade nine math student and cannot erase something from history forever!