Desmos Art Functions Card 2018


I tried to visualize the different kinds of graphs and see how they could fit on Christmas themed objects or a person. The challenge was in figuring out what transformations to apply so that every component of the different parts were in proportion to each other and the image actually made sense. My “a-ha” moment was when I really figured out how to make new functions based off original functions with a couple transformations and make the process go much faster. Copy + Paste also saved my life. A couple friends and I exchanged pointers and tips and helped each other out with our graphs. It took me a while to develop an original function, but the duplication and transformation of that function to make a component of the image was very easy. I tried to make as few individual functions as possible – instead, I copied the function and played around with transformations to make it work. This assignment helped me better understand the effects of transformations on different functions, as well as the visual similarity of many functions. 

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