An excess container. Stuck with a 9 and a half by 11 sheet paper
72-point text reading LOST AND FOUND
Hidden in the corner of the hallway no one goes
Buried underneath all the others
No one knows, where I am
We don’t see
We don’t search
We make no attempt to find things we’ve lost
We don’t even realize what’s missing

Now let’s take a step back, how did I get here?
Was it because I was not loved?
Was it because I was loved too much?
Maybe I wasn’t the right fit
Maybe I was too soft or too blue
Maybe I was just a bit, too clingy

I was too attached
I forgot what it was like to not have
But then I realized, I was just one half
Where were you
When I was laying still on the floor, waiting to be found
Waiting to be picked up
Where were you
When I was left alone for all those nights
Do you think you might, of forgotten me?
You weren’t there

You weren’t there, but you told yourself that you tried to find me
You told yourself that I was just hiding
You do a quick check, now look in your bag
You tear the room apart, searching
Your mind is racing, your heart is pounding
And you wonder, where is that, that I love so much

Time was moving so fast,
I could no longer focus on what was in front of me
The words we shared, now scrambled all over my page
The ones I was looking for, the ones I craved
“I love you..” is what the sock said, the one you lost
But you left something behind
Something that mattered
Something that couldn’t be replaced
Some things just can’t be replaced

But if certain things can’t be replaced,
then how is it that you managed to lose me
How is it that I’ve found myself in the dark,
surrounded by 4 plastic walls

I think about you, sitting in that faint and forgotten corner
Everyday people racing past you
Talking as if you aren’t there
Acting as if the most important thing in the world
is the new, of what you used to be
Not leaving you enough time to say, I’m lost

But am I lost?
I’m here, beside the hat with the red rose,
the one that no one chose
Beside they grey sweatshirt that kept one warm,
after they got home from a storm
I’m not lost, I’m just not found, yet

There’s no telling how long it could take
For you to come around
Realize what has been lost
Realize what has been found
I can’t explain and I can’t complain
Why I was lost

It’s not you, its me
But now that I’m here
What am I supposed to do?
I can’t put the blame on you
All that I can do, is improve

Of course i’ll continue day by day
Sitting here waiting to be found
Even though I’m not so sure that your still around
But there’s no need for you
It’s just too late
But that is okay
Because at some point sitting enclosed in this box, waiting for you
I can conclude, that because of you, there’s no need to be found