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Character Instagram


Simon was always different from the other boys. He cared about his friends and family, nature, and animals. He was a bit of a loner, and this would make others think that he was weird. He was also very wise and brave as he was the one who decided that he was going to find out if the beast was actually real, sadly this ended up with him dying. He would see the darker side of philosophy knowledge. 

As you can see on his instagram bio,he expresses his love for animals and nature, as well as a little reminder that we must be nice to one another. His first post shows his love for nature and exploring, as well as sharing interesting facts about it. In his second post he is seen with one of his good friends, Piggy. He demonstrates his charisma and friendships through this. His seventh post shows his point of view of the staked sow’s eyes, and his perception on society and civilization. 



As you can see, each post relates to something in the story, Simon’s friendships or to some of Simon’s biggest interests and traits.


*there are more highlights on Simon’s profile*

In his highlights, we can see that Simon loves inspirational quotes, and if he was a person nowadays he would probably be the kind of person who loves to visit historical places and zoos to visit animals and learn more about them.


As we can see in the comments, Simon was always very supportive of his friends, and always tried to keep the peace and that bit of civilization within the other boys. He never wanted to start any conflicts or fights between others.