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Act I Review Exercise


  1. How does Ben make Willy feel about himself? What qualities in Ben does Willy want for himself? For his sons? (p. 35)

Ben is like a role model for Willy, someone to look up to, and a reminder of what Willy could have had if he had gone to Alaska. Willy wanted his sons to be successful as well and to have fortunes. Willy’s American dream was to have money and a job, and that’s what Ben has.

  1. Biff tells Linda to “stop making excuses” for Willy. How does she defend Willy? Is she really making excuses for him? Explain. (p. 41)

She knows he is not a great man, but Linda will adore Willy for no matter what, and the reason that Biff tells Linda to make excuses for him is because he will never show any signs of respect for Linda. “He’s not the finest character that ever lived, but he is a human being, and a terrible thing is happening to him. So attention must be paid”

  1. Why is Willy so confident that Happy and Biff’s business plan will work? (p. 48) Why does Willy himself need their plan to work?

Willy is confident that their business is gonna work, because he has so much confidence in them because he admires them so much. Willy relies on both kids, as he has just gotten fired and needs the money as well.

“I see great things for you kids, I think your troubles are over. But remember, start big and you’ll end big”


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