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My Brand

My brand is designated for my company the orca research society, where you protect and study orcas in the wild. Orca research society also protects wild orcas from captivity and keeps whales and dolphins out of marine parks.

slogan: ‘May all things be wild and free’

3D printer project drafting 10

I wanted to create somthing that would be useful to me. So i created a phone holder so i could charge my phone without it falling off the a table or on the floor. I wanted a design that was sturdy and not easy to break so I created a stronger design with a charger hole and walls to prevent the phone from sliding out.

Drafting 10 orthographic projection iPhone

I am creating an orthographic projection plan for my iPhone 7. An orthographic projection is a method of projection in wich an object is decipted or a surface

mapped using parallel lines to project its shape onto a peice of paper or blueprint. I am using three displayed views, one being the front of the iPhone 7, the bottom of the phone, and the side of the phone. I also created a isometric projection of my iPhone, an isometric projection is a method for visually representing three-dimensional objects in two dimensions and engineering drawings.