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Readers response A television drama

Part A-” At this moment we do not know where the male criminal is, the police are using dogs at the moment to track down the male” i stated

as far as i could see the male was gone and the dogs where not helping, it was a cold day not like many others. All the women see so concerned on the street as they all stand on there front lawn.

all of a sudden i see a young woman walking out of her house slowly, i guess to see what is going on. She looks rather curious but fritend at the same time. Thee police man yells in a loud voice ” please go back into your houses” but i look at all the women and they do not move.

suddely out of the corner of my eye i see a man running all covered in blood and limping but running very fast. I think that is the man they are looking for about to go notify a police officer the man falls right infront of one. I grab the camera crew and rush forward to the scene. ” we have found the man he came running out of nowhere and is currently being put in an ambulance and taken to the hostpital later his arrest will taken ” i state. I see the ambulance rush down the street with it sirens off. I walk towards a older women ” what did you see from this whole advent, what are your thoughts” i asked her politely. ” he practilcy fell right at my feet” the women claimed. I notice the young women i saw earlier scrambles into her house slowly probley waiting for her husband i think.

Part B-Carolee saw the news and imediatly reacted bad to the media and became more scared then she was before. When her husband came home he read the news paper and had seen the news but was also scared ans shocked by the media.