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Grade 9

Short Story

Friday questions

Weekend poetry project

This weekend I went to downtown vancouver for a mini vacation, while my little brother went to a weekend camp near Cultus Lake. My older brother, mother and I, went to a nice hotel and had dinner at the old… Continue Reading →

poetic devices illustrations

English song analysis

Modern Sonnet

Sonnet 5763 Many people fear the reaper of life and death Black cloak shrouding identity and face Always fearing as they breath their last breath As the reaper takes but never gives grace.   Inside dying while the outside ages… Continue Reading →

3 about me paragraphs

Science Experiment Project

First Peoples Principles of Learning

Learning is holistic, reflective, reflexive, experiential and relational: Humans naturally gravitate towards people and places they feel comfortable with. Most humans find comfort in knowledge, what makes a person feel belonging is their knowledge of that person or place. They… Continue Reading →

Technology and Genetics: Forensic science By: Kaylin Ottens and Jessy Gong

  Bibliography part of word document due to the fact that I could not edit the video with my laptop. By: Kaylin Ottens and Jessy Gong   Shout out to my dad for helping with the editing process. And suggesting… Continue Reading →

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