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This quote is important because it really shows that in the end we are little mammals, trying to live our lives. We are all different and we shouldn’t judge others. Our weaknesses as well as our strengths make up who we are and everyone should live their best life and be able to live it loud and proud.

My favourite youtube video:

This video hits some major points about the school system. The title does not directly reflect the content of this video.

This is a strong drawing as it really speaks for itself and I also think how it really sends a message maybe about bullying,depression or grief. I also like how simple this is.:

This drawing really represents how our colours and individuality are washed away from us by people. All the things, big or small, build up and come raining down on us.


On January 28th

Jackson Pollock was born 1912

Challenger shuttle explodes 1986

Inmate slashed infamous kidnapper, Richard Loeb, to death 1936

Henry VII dies and is succeded by his nine year old son.