Making babies 101

Remain and I created a Baby in our science class. The way we did this so by flipping a coin to decide who had the dominant trait and other factors to decide traits of the baby. Our baby has blue eyes and wavy hair he also has pointy nostrils. In a way this is similar to real life because we get traits from both of our parents but in real life the way we are maid is much more complicated than a coin flip. At points during this experience I realized that I prefer certain traits such as detached eyebrows rather than a unibrow. I think my preferences come from my life and what we are thought is “attractive” and “normal” even though it is all normal.

Careers and Conversations Reflection

While I was speaking to people at the careers and conversations I spoke to Brad from finger foods studio, he is the Technical director. Some tips he gave me were that he tried a lot of jobs before finding the one he liked. He also told me that as you get higher up in his type of job you have less coding and other tedious tasks to do. I also go more valuable tips from other people such as I don’t need a business degree to work at a bank another thing that I didn’t think about is that after high school education can teach you discipline as well as the topic your studying. Over all I think the careers and conversations was very useful and it gave me an idea of what I need to do in the future and more of the way careers work.