Place experiment

The forest experience reflection

What you see

While standing there in the forest i noticed how almost everything was dying, the trees rotting, the leaves littering the ground, and the few leaves that were hanging onto the branches. I think the audio was important as well because i could hear the birds but also where i was i could not see a road but when a truck went by that told me more about the place.

What you are thinking about

I was mostly thinking abou how strange it must have been for the people that passed, just a bunch of kids standing in the forest in complete silence.

How you feel

I felt at peace for that 10 min because there were no distractions. No phone to play or message with and no need to talk to people just me and nature.


Downtown Poco experience reflection

What you see

It was mostly buildings and people however there were trees and grass between the concrete and brick however there we a lot more people walking and everything seemed to be going faster than in the forest. Everyone was rushing around and going places.

What you are thinking about

I was thinking about how wet i was and how the walk back to class will be nice because then i can talk to my peers.

How you feel

I felt more anxiety compared to the forest of sorts due to all the people and cars and artificial sound.

Precalculus 11 Week 17

Sine law

Sine law is used when yow have a triangle which you know an angle and it’s opposite side as well as another side or angle. At the top of the next immage you will see the 3 equations that you use to solve the triangle.

As you can see we are looking for side a in this triangle. Since we have not B angle or b side we will not have to use the sine law b equation. The next picture shows the equations filled in.

From here you just have to solve the equation.


Precalculus 11 week 14

This week we learned how to Multiply and divide rational expressions.

First factor the top and bottom of each fraction. then look and see if there are adding or subtracting between the expressions because they hold each expression together so that they can’t cancel out. Now, find the numbers that your variable can’t equal these are your non-permissible values. Then cancel out your pairs of expressions. You now have a finished answer.


Precalculus 11 week 15

This week the thing that I learned about that stood out the most to me was the steps of solving a word problem.

first you read and read again but the second time underline the words or numbers that indicate values that would next go into your equation(these values could be anything eg. 12 milk cartons). Then create your equation and solve, once you have your numerical answer put that into an sentence for your final answer.

when creating your equation look for more than and less than because those mean add or subtract. Also take a close look at the final sentence because that usually describes your variable.

Precalculus 11 week 13

Graphing absolute value quadratics. When graphing an absolute value quadratic’s you basically reflect whatever is below the x axis.


Original Y = -x^2+5 is red

Absolute Y = l-x^2+5l is blue

If the whole parabola is below the x axis this is what it looks like.

Original Y = -x^2-3 is green

absolute Y = l-x^2-3lis blue

Pre calculus week 11

What stood out to me this week was plotting quadratic inniqualitys with 2 variables. This means instead of just on the x axis we are now on x and y axis creating diagonal and vertical lines. We also have to shade one side of the line.

here are some examples

In the first example you can see the line is dotted witch means that the symbol is either <or> and on the second one the line is solid witch means the symbol is either (greater than or equal) or (less than or equal to).

these are those symbols

The possible out comes are

Precaculus 11 Week 10

This week was mostly tests and studying but we also learned how to plot quadratic iniquities an a number line / x axis.


First review the basics.


Now an example including solution.

Plot on line.

Insert answer into original question to find out if the circle is open or closed.

Then we know our answer is correct and we know the circle is open.