Kaleb and Liam’s Rube Goldberg Project

Blue prints/brainstorm of our project

A: The phone vibrates down the ramp hitting a marble that s on a stop that turns potential energy into kenetic a energy as it goes down a ramp hitting a lever.

B: A marble hits the bottom the lever witch hits the car above.

C: The car travels down a ramp over the chair falling in a basket.

D: The car fals in the basket lifting a lever that is blocking a large marble.

E: The marble is re-elected and rolls down a woden path.

F: The marble falls on the mouse trap witch lets the flag go.

G: The weights on the other side of the tower drag the flag up.(raising the flag)


1 section A when potential energy turns into kenetick energy with the marble.

2 section C-D when kenetic energy turns into more kenetic energy with the lever

3 section f the mouse trap uses elastic energy and is set off using kenetic energy

Video of project

Making babies 101

Remain and I created a Baby in our science class. The way we did this so by flipping a coin to decide who had the dominant trait and other factors to decide traits of the baby. Our baby has blue eyes and wavy hair he also has pointy nostrils. In a way this is similar to real life because we get traits from both of our parents but in real life the way we are maid is much more complicated than a coin flip. At points during this experience I realized that I prefer certain traits such as detached eyebrows rather than a unibrow. I think my preferences come from my life and what we are thought is “attractive” and “normal” even though it is all normal.

The rise and fall of the S.S. Georgie

To fully experience the story in full effect you have to imagine that a homeless guy from pirates of the Caribbean was telling it to you.

It was a mostly normal day, kind of foggy but mostly normal. As I sat in the class room I could tell something was off. Our teacher rose to the front of the class and exclaimed “I have a challenge for you!”. We were frantic at the thought of something new. we were tasked to create a ship to sail and transport small amounts of money. The glorious ship to sail while transporting the most money would win the prize. I was enthralled with the thought of a prize, I was determined to win! I created a team of people that weren’t already in a group. we hypothesized if we increase the weight on the boat then our boat will sink because of the pressure on the boat will let water leak into the boat over the walls. the first boat went. Liza the captain of the boat had to name her vessel, she said under her breath “the Titanic”. silence came over the crowd as she place the ship into the water, the ducks watch anxiously. “one, two, three, four… 18, 19, 20!”. The boat topped over and sank to the bottom of the reservoir with a plop. we didn’t know how to react beach it was the fist bat to go. we had no way to gage if it was good or terrible. Ship after Ship 41, 23, 42. It was our turn to go we place the boat on the water, I was surprised it didn’t sink then and there but it said afloat. “41, 42, 43” It was over our boat sank and we were immediately met with the realization that a group before us had done better, not all the boats had gone and we had already lost. we had held 43 pennies better than most but not good enough, as I was placing the ponies I I realized what our major flaw was, it was the hight of the walls… THE WALLS WERNT TALL ENOUGH! we must move on and reflect on our mistakes in life. throughout this challenge I learnt that the higher the walls the better. our hypothesis was correct but our design was flawed, we thought the marshmallows would help as a floatation device on the inside we thought they would create a air pocket. in the future if we were to take on this challenge agin I would crate tall walls but a sturdy base.

Farewell to the S.S. Georgie.

-S.S. Georgie, room 226, February 7th, (colourized)