Journal #4 Jouons un jeu


Pre-Calc 11 Week #17

This week in PreCalc we started our trigonometry unit, while practicing what we know from previous years we slowly added in new things such as the sine law, this is something completely new that we haven’t done in previous years. The sine law is the following, a/sin A = b/sin B =c/sin C with the lowercase letters being the measurements of each sides and the uppercase letters that happen to be multiplied by sign being the angle for each letter respectively.

If there is a missing angle and not a missing side which is what the sine law is mainly for, you flip it to sin A/a = sin B/b = Sin C/c and it can work to find the missing angle as well. When using the sine law there is 3 equations to start with but once inputting values you only use 2 equations, leaving 1 variable in the full equation.

The sine law is used for triangles with a missing angle or side that aren’t right triangles and have an angle more than 90 degrees

Here is an example of how to use the sine law to find a missing angle

Français 11: Journal #1

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Français 11: Journal #3

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histoire et moi


Pre-Calc 11 Week #10

We focused on studying for our midterm this week. To prepare for it, I spent my time rewriting most of my notes as to remember what we learned and how to do everything along with going over the reviews and practice tests in the textbook of each unit and doing the cumulative review. Doing this will help my mind refresh on all that I’ve learned throughout the semester along with questions that may be on the test as the reviews have the main ideas of each unit in them which are usually shown in the tests. Hopefully, this studying will aid me in getting a good mark on the midterm.



CuCl2*2H20 Solution

Massing out my sample

Fill my volumetric flask to 50% full

Slowly pour in the solid

Top to line with water and swirl to dissolve

Rube Goldberg Project




Explanation of all the steps:

A little lego guy (A) is released from a wooden tower down a zip line and hits the marble ball (B) down the wooden ramp (C) after the ball goes to the end of the wooden ramp it will fall into the paper cup (D) and will come out the bottom which will make it land on the set mous trap (E) once the mouse trap goes off it will hit the dominos (F) and they will all fall which will cause the marble (G) on the wood ramp to roll down and hit the next set of dominos (H) once they go off they will cause the tennis ball (I) to fall into the plastic cup (J) and out of the bottom hole onto a binder/ ramp (K) which will then hit the upside down bottle (L) at the end forcing it to be hit off the chair and onto the ground where the duck tape will catch it and make it land on its cap.

Energy Transfers:
(A) Kinetic to (gravitational) Potential
When the lego man is going down (kinetic) the zip line he stops ( potential) when he hits the marble.

(E) Kinetic to Sound/ Elastic

When the marble falls (kinetic) onto the mouse trap it creates a loud sound (sound).

When the marble falls (kinetic) onto the mouse trap it the spring (elastic) closes the mouse trap.
(G)Potential to Kinetic

When the marble is still (potential) It is then hit by the dominos causing it to move (kinetic) down the ramp.

Egg recipe: Take home lab

This is a take home lab that was assigned to my Foods 10 class, over our spring break. We were told to chose three recipes and to try at least one of them. The recipe(s) you chose was graded/marked by a guardian of your chose. The sheet that was marked was handed in the first day back to school from Spring break.

I chose to do a Egg Masala which I’ve seen my mom make many times. I personally don’t like egg that much and did not end up eating it, so i had my parents and sisters taste who said it tasted good. I did however try it and think it needed to be less oily.


1 Potatoe

4 Boiled eggs

70 ml of vegetable oil

1 whole onion

2 tomato

15ml garlic

15ml ginger

2.5ml salt

2.5ml red chili

15ml Curry Powder’

500ml Water


  1. Get water boiling and add the eggs for 6 mins to let them boil
  2. Get oil heating on a pan at medium heat
  3. Peel and cut Onion, Garlic and Potato and cook them at medium heat until the onions and garlic are translucent
  4. Cut tomatos into small squares
  5. Mix curry powder with water and put in big pot
  6. Add everything to the pot and mix ginger, salt and red chili
  7. Enjoy

Here are two other recipes I’d reccomend you to enjoy

Eggs benedict

40 ml Champagne vinegar 
25 ml Shallots, minced

150 ml Butter, salted, plus more for muffins

85 ml Egg yolk
60 ml Water
20 ml Lemon juice
3 ml Salt, kosher
12 Eggs
English muffins
Ham, thinly sliced, as needed
Dill, fresh, as needed
Sous-vide egg bites
Eggs, about 6 large
300 ml Heavy cream, and/or cottage cheese
3 ml Salt, plus more to taste
Cherry tomatoes, optional, as needed
Pine nuts, optional, as needed
Finishing oil, such as high-quality extra-virgin olive oil, optional, as needed
Basil, fresh leaves, optional, as needed
Black pepper, optional, as needed 
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