Week 9 in math 10

Multiplying Binomials

This week in Math 10 we were shown easier ways to multiply binomials. By using models, area models and distributive property. However, these models are only supposed to be used for numbers with a degree of one. I personally find using area models very helpful. The reason I chose to do the area model instead of the models is mainly that it involves the least amount of drawing and it doesn’t have to be binomial.

This is how multiplying binomials using an area model works. First, you’ll need to draw a rectangle and split it into four. You place the first half of the expression on the outside of the rectangle and the second half of the expression of the side or the rectangle. You want to align the numbers in the expression so that only one term is aligned within the smaller rectangles from within the bigger rectangle. From then on you multiply the top terms by the side terms and you place the answers in the smaller rectangles. Once you’ve multiplied each term you then collect the like terms.

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