Ballad poem

Ballad poem 

Ignorance will be your downfall,
Something that 12 little birds will learn.
As their tiny feet sat on the electrical wire
And their tiny beaks cherp with no concern.

A larger bird then came along,
They all shared the same color,
But one was much larger,
The other birds greeted him with a face of squalor.

The big bird tried to make friends,
He even shared a few smiles
The 12 birds were not amused
Instead, they mocked the kind bird, which was all very vile.

With the big bird placed in the middle,
His weight made the wire sink,
The birds tired of his presence push him down
But his big feet held on tight at the very brink

Wanting him off they continued to peck.
The longer he hung upside down,
The closer the wire came to the ground.
The constant pecking leads to a frown.

By the time they were almost done pecking,
It had already been too late,
They tried to stop,
In hopes of not being relocated.

The big bird could no longer hang on
In a matter of seconds,
The birds were launched into space.
Hopefully, now they’ve learned their lesson

Returning to earth,
The big bird was unharmed and all,
But the little bird came back featherless
This is when they learned that their ignorance will be their downfall.

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