English Final Poetry Projet – Aleana Labrador



Harmless lies


I told myself these harmless lies

Thinking I would win some prize

My identity I chose to hide

Pushing away my pride


I told myself these harmless lies

Lies – the lies that I thought were wise

The lies I traded in for acceptance

Which took away my balance


I told myself these harmless lies

These lies that soon became my demise

I became a sheep

And now I weep


I once told myself these harmful lies


Student’s thoughts

“Harmless Lies” is a poem written by Aleana Labrador which the main theme is identity.  This poem takes place in the first-person narration but is not in the perspective of Aleana, but an unknown character. Throughout the poem, the unknown character progresses from harmless lies to harmful lies. This transition indicates the realization of what was thought to be harmless was really just harmful. In this poem,  Aleana uses a literary device, which is an end rhyme. She describes the mind of someone who wants to fit in and be accepted. The character is aware that they have been telling themselves lies, by they are in denial, thinking that these lies can do no harm. In the first two stanzas, the character speaks about all the negative aspects of telling these “harmless lies”, such as losing one’s pride and losing one’s balance in life. By the third stanza, the character starts to realize and admit the harm the lies have done. These lies we no longer harmless they were ultimately in the end what destroyed them. Aleana uses the simile “I became a sheep” because sheep are known for always following the crowd and this is exactly what the character is doing. They are simply following a crowd to fit in and seek validation. This poem has no set ending, we are not sure whether or not the character chooses to continue these harmful lies or if the character found their own identity.






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