About Me


I began the wonderful career of teaching in 1992 at Terry Fox Secondary. Mostly I taught Geology, Earth Science, Astronomy, and Physics to grade 11 and 12 students. In 2010 my family and I moved to Beijing, China, to teach for the year. There I taught Science 10, Math 10, and Math 11. (China for a year was a wonderful adventure that I’d recommend to everyone!) In the 2011/12 year I taught middle school at Maple Creek – I thought I’d try a different age, but I’ve returned to high school, where I belong, and am thoroughly enjoying the wonderful students at Riverside Secondary now! 🙂 In 2024 I am retiring to focus on family, fur babies, fostering, informing minds, and fun!

Aside from teaching school, I was also an Educator Ambassador for NASA (2001 – 2015). In this role I lead teachers through workshops where they learned curricular activities related to the telescopes that NASA has in orbit around the Earth. The mission I was most involved with is Fermi, formerly GLAST, a gamma ray telescope that is helping scientists learn more about active galaxies and the black holes in their centers. I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut so my little role for the space agency was very exciting to me! For more information see https://fermi.gsfc.nasa.gov/ 


Enough about me. I hope that you will find this Blog a useful place: click on the links on the side for course specific information…