Earth Science 11

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Here is a day-by-day listing.

Astronomy Unit

What we see:
    • “It’s in the Stars” dueCrescent Moon Nick Jackson, Doncaster, 9 March 2019 Equipment: Nikon P900 digital bridge camera


  • Ask an Astronomer: Phases
  • Eclipses, seasons, etc (pg 4, 5)
  • Notes Eclipses, etc
  • “Eclipses, etc” PP, and videos Ask an Astronomer: Lunar and Solar
  • Work on “It’s in the Stars”
  • Quiz¬† ¬† /6 – from student’s Blooms questions (plus one eclipses question)
  • “If We Had No Moon” show, 51 minutes – DVD
    • Do worksheet pg 19-20 handouts booklets while watching
  • But… read:¬†Moon NOT critical to life on Earth??
Solar System:

Our galaxy

Come hungry tomorrow!!

Galaxies – all types

How we learned all this:


How do we measure distance in space? | BBC Sky at Night Magazine

Where it all came from:

Big Bang

  • Hand in Orange bookletsEncourage mint ‚Äď you've got this" Sticker for Sale by ChunkaMunka | Redbubble
  • Astronomy Test¬† /50
  • Atmosphere Word Search
Atmosphere Unit
  • Ocean salinity and temperature
    • Salinity and Temperature Lab (pg 4-9)
    • If you are absent, use the video links below to complete the lab:
    • WS Properties of Ocean Water (pg 10)
    • WS Ocean Layers (pg 11)
    • Why Is the Ocean Salty? | Britannica

El Ni√Īo and La Ni√Īa: What's the Difference? | NEEF

  • Great Review Showdown Game
  • Study Tip:
  • Star Wars Test Prep Tips and Motivational Materials by Really Reading
  • Oceans Unit Test
  • Remainder of time to work on Ocean Technology-Art Project – due next class!
  • Hand in blue Oceans booklet
  • Oceans Technology-Art presentations
Minerals & Rocks


  • Finish mineral lab (pg 5-8)
  • Creating communication magic, without tricks - PMLiVEMilk carton trick
  • Do mineral data sheet crossword (pg 9/10)
  • Use Mineral Data Sheet CW key
  • Compare lab minerals to data page (pg 10)
  • Kahoot: Minerals
  • Work on Minerals crossword (pg 11 booklet)
  • Minerals “Group” Quiz
  • Notes IgneousIgneous Rocks | Pictures of Intrusive and Extrusive Rock Types | Igneous rock, Igneous, Rocks and minerals
  • Igneous Lab (pg 13/14)
  • Crystal size, cooling rates, where formed
  • Worksheet Rocks 1 #1-8 (pg 12)
  • Watch (28 min):
  • Finish Igneous and Sedimentary labs and questions
  • Create the beginnings of a mind-map including Minerals, Igneous, and Sedimentary, leaving spots for Metamorphic and the Rock Cycle. Colour it. This will be a great study tool if you do a good job.
  • Finish mind-map (started a few days ago)
  • Review Crossword (pg 25/26)
  • TGT
  • Finish Minerals and Rocks Booklet
  • Study for tomorrow’s test
  • Hand in your Minerals and Rocks Booklet101 "You Can Do It" Memes for Those Times When You Need Inspiration
  • Rocks and Minerals Test¬† ¬† /39
  • Coal word search
  • Local Rock Collection Due (pg 19)
  • Hand out booklets
  • Contribution of Mining in Global economy (Pratyush Katiyar)If you lose your booklet, print one from here:¬†Mining Unit Handouts Booklet
  • Your life without mining T-chart
  • Baby picture
  • Geology of BC¬†discussion (pg 2-3)
  • Ch 6 Fill-In-The-Blank worksheet (pg 4-5) – as a Jig Saw
  • Finish Ch 6 worksheet (pg 4-5) – gallery walk to fill in rest of your worksheet
  • Video (8 min): Zinc – The Great Protector: LINK
  • Create a Mining Crossword of at least 20 words with clues (pg 6-7)

  • Cookie Coal MiningLabor faces decisions on approval of up to 27 coal developments including greenfield mines | Climate crisis | The Guardian
  • Coal Video and worksheet (pg 8-9)
  • Yukon Dan!
    • For those who are not in attendance for Yukon Dan’s fun and excellent presentation, please do this assignment: Yukon Dan Make-up Project – Due the class after Yukon Dan’s visit
  • Go over “Leaving a Good Impression”
  • ¬†Video:
    • Highland Valley Copper: Temporary Use of the Land
  • Careers research
    • Go to this website
    • choose a mining career/job
    • Write up and hand in the following:
      • Give the job title
      • Describe the job
      • What salary can you expect at this job?
      • What education/experience is needed?
      • List any pros/cons of this job (in your opinion)
  • Review stuff
  • More Review: go over word scramble, play Bingo
  • Last 20-30 min:¬†Open notes Test¬† ¬† /20Perfect Paper for Pencils? Agreed. ‚ÄĒ The Gentleman Stationer | Journal writing prompts, Writing pictures, Writing notebook
  • Hand out Bonus Review questions (up to 4% added on to grade!) –
Plate Tectonics



  • Review day
    • Wordsearch with Clues (pg¬† 16),
    • Go over what will be on the test (and see pg 17 for review notes)
    • Plate Tectonics, Volcanoes, Earthquakes (10 min): YouTube Video
    • Quizizz (38 questions), go to:¬† Click Here (link good until Friday)
    • Final Exam Review Bonus Project: 2022 Bonus Review 85 Questions – do questions 52 to 69 now
    • Show “Dante’s Peak” (a good review of volcanoes, 1hr 45min)
  • Plate Tectonics Test¬† ¬† /5240 Best Memes To Let You Know That 'You Got This' - | Birthday meme dog, Happy birthday dog meme, Funny happy birthday meme
Weathering & Erosion
  • Archive - Exfoliation in Coquihalla Valley - EPOD - a service of USRAWeathering and Erosion
    • Mechanical, Chemical, Biological
    • Streams, Glaciers, Wind, Waves
    • Notes W&E
  • Outside walk?
  • Quizizz game: Weathering
  • Word search in new Workbook (pg 1)
  • If you lose your booklet, print one from here:¬†W&E Grey Workbook
  • Layers of Soil: Definition, Description with Diagram (Soil Profile) - Jotscroll
  • Soil Classification and Composition (pg 2-3)
  • Soil Horizon notes
  • Edible Soil profile (pg 4-6)¬† ???
  • Canadian Planetariums to visit the classroom!

UNBC supercomputer reveals acceleration of global glacier loss ‚ÄĒ University Affairs

  • Glacier Quiz¬† ¬†/10
  • Coquitlam River Field Trip
  • Human and Climate Effects on W&E (pg 20)
    • Effects of climate change on W&E (warm, moist climates; acid rain, loss of glaciers)
  • Review Game: Jeopardy (online)
  • Study for Final Exam: W&E Test Overview
  • Hand in grey weathering and erosion booklets before test
  • Weathering and Erosion Unit Test (40 min)¬† ¬†/40 ¬†Test Day Do Your Best State Testing Teacher Student T-shirt Digital Art by Felix | Fine Art America
  • Final exam review …. see below for things to do for studying…
Final Exam Preparation
  • ESc Final Exam Overview
  • Final exam review – look over all the units we’ve done, make a plan of when you will study what unit over the next few days, consider that you may have other exams to study for as well…
  • Work on your Reference sheet (you must have made it yourself on my 8.5×11 yellow paper with your name in the middle box in ink, sheet must be handwritten in pencil or pen, no typing, no photocopies, both sides ok, hand in with your final exam.)
  • Crossword of the course
  • Do the following worksheet (85 questions) for a possible 4% to be added onto your overall grade!! Do NOT type – must be hand written by you. Make sure your answers are detailed, accurate and relevant to the course, for maximum bonus percentage. Include diagrams. To be handed in just before beginning the final exam.
  • ¬†Kahoots: (all links good until Jan 28, 2024)
    • Earth Science 11 Review: Link
    • Clouds and Precipitation: Link
    • Mineral Review: Link
    • Oceans: Link
  • Quizizzes: (all links good until Jan 28, 2024)
    • Moon: Phases, Eclipses, Tide: Link
    • Constellations, Moon, Seasons, Tides, Sun/Star Life Cycles: Link
    • Earth’s Layers, Plate Tectonics: Link
    • Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes, Volcanoes: Link
    • Sedimentary Rocks: Link
    • Igneous Rocks: Link
    • Weathering: Link

Preparing for Test Day - Global Education Placement Services

  • This is worth 20% of your grade!! STUDY!! (Even if using a reference sheet!)
  • You may use a reference sheet¬† (you must have made it yourself on my paper with your name in the middle box in ink, sheet must be handwritten in pencil or pen, no typing, no photocopies, on 8.5×11 paper, both sides ok, hand in with your final exam.)
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