Iron Chef Reflection

This Iron Chef challenge was fun, and was also challenging at the same time. The secret ingredient added so much more of an angle to this assignment, the secret ingredient helped us expand on what we are used to making. I really did enjoy this assignment because i feel like it helped is get out of our comfort zone, because were used to just sticking to a recipe, where in this assignment we get to do what we want, and how we want it, like you said we got to make the recipe our own. My group worked really well together, we all listened to each others idea, and never argued. The recipe turned out well we think because we incorporated everyone ideas into the recipe rather than just doing the recipe as it should be done. we picked our recipe because we figured everyone would be doing more of a dinner or lunch recipe so we decided to do more of a breakfast idea, but with our own twist which was the strawberry glaze on the bottom and drizzled on the top. I think that the recipe we chose turned out well, and i think that it was the right recipe for us. If i was to do this again i think i would change the glaze to more of a light topping rather than the main thing on the pancake. I believe that the glaze masked the taste of the yam, and i think that maybe if we did a bit of a lighter glaze next time it would;d have turned out better. Or i could also have changed the type of glaze, maybe to a blueberry blackberry glaze or something like that. The time did not effect us much because our recipe was quick and relatively easy, but since we had restrictions of what we could buy we used regular milk instead of almond milk, and we did not use the type of nuts that it said we used almonds, so it changed the way we thought in that sort of way.

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