What I Learned This Week In Math

This week in math I learned how to find the base area, surface area and the volume of a right triangular prism.


In this example the height of the base of the triangle wasn’t given to us so we had to figure that out before we could discover the area of the base.  To find out the height I used pathagorean theorem, then i used the formula A*H/2 to find the area of the base.  To find the volume it was much more simple because we were already given the units we needed to be able to find the volume, so using to formula V= Abase* H we found out the volume.  Surface area is a bit more challenging, but since we already knew our formula and measurements we just had to calculate it.

Some challenges of learning to find the base area, surface area, and volume of not only right triangular prisms, but of any 3D shape was that you aren’t always given the height of the base, or in the case of a right circular cone sometimes either the slant height or radius isn’t given to you or just the height, so you have to figure that out which can get difficult.



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