My Career Compass To Becoming a Astronaut

Nicoles Project

Why do you want to pursue this career?

I would love to pursue this career because I always enjoy acceding the limits, I’m not okay with just the “normal”, I want to see what’s out there.  Everything else just seems boring to me.

What are your short term goals?

My short term goals are to graduate High-School, obviously and to start working out so im fit and ready for my physical challenges also to get my math marks up, by getting a tutor and attending tutorials.

Why is this job well suited for you?

I believe this job is well suited for me because I’m adventurous, I seek answers and as lazy as I can get I secretly love challenges, and when I do things my own way they always end up right. I might not be mathematically smart, but its not something I cant change.

Choose one specific post-secondary program:

Institution name: McGill University

Program title: Bachelor Degree in Engineering

Length of program: 4-5 years

Admission requirements: High school diploma

Tuition Fees: total: $4,532.24

Potential hurdles: MATH.  In order to overcome this giant obstacle I shall take everything that’s being offered to me, math tutorials, math tutor, peer tutor…

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