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Green 16, 17 and 19

I will try this whenever I deal with someone. I don’t have to agree with their opinions and thoughts, but it is good to try to understand where those thoughts and opinions come from. Deal with that person. Always consider the viewpoints of the opposing side and admit when they make some sense. Seeing the complexity of an issue is difficult to do but it will get you far. Always consider the opposite perspective and accept if they make sense. It is difficult to see the complexity of the problem, but it takes you far away.

Success is the essence of life and one of the most important things in life. Success is defined as the achievement of the goal or purpose of achieving fame, wealth, or social status. Because we are emotional creatures, success gives meaning to life and inspires us to stay alive. Success should be the goal of every human being on the planet.

I argue that those who appear to be driven beyond others may simply feel that their work is stronger and more interesting than other areas of life. For me, work is the only environment where you can make the most of your energy and vitality. At home, these energies overwhelm my family. Of course, this means that the work itself is interesting. You will probably find that most of the “driven” types work in fields that are more advanced than performing simple tasks. Strength is important.

Brown 4 and 27

My hero is my grandmother and grandfather. They helped my mother raise me and were great role models. My grandmother was very organized and detailed and always kept her house clean and welcoming. My grandfather is a hardworking and dedicated employee who is proud to give all of himself and complete the work he tried. I am trying to illustrate the same features in every aspect of my life, but I want the opportunity to do so in this position.

I love how you feel your feet when you touch the green grass in the morning dew.

I love light bulbs. Light bulbs that emit different colors. Small things.

I love the rattle of windows, the sound of bells, the sound of rustling leaves, the sound of glass, the sound of rain on the roof

I love bathing for hours.

I love blank white crisp white paper.

I love lipstick, lip balm, lip and lip gloss


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