Ball experiment

Drop the ball Vi=0.0m/s Vf=? d=2m t=1.2s a=9.8m/s² Vf²=Vi²+2ad Vf²=0+2×9.8×2 Vf²=384.16 Vf=6.3m/s   Ball throw Vi=?, Vf=0.0m/s, d=78cm, t=1.1s, a=9.8m/s² 0.78=vi×0.55Vi+1.48 0.78-1.48=0.55Vi -0.7=0.55Vi -1.27=Vi Difficult part; I threw the ball at beside the wall. It was hard for me because a ball hit the wall and ball did not go straight up so I tried…

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