Pursuit of Happiness Reflection

Hearing the real story of a man who became a billionaire from homeless, he grabbed business opportunities with wisdom and courage, was a father affection story. A man who entered the unpaid stockbroker training course with one sentence, no house, no wife, secured the bed every night, raised food expenses, while caring for a 5-year-old son and training Did you pass? Chris’ hard struggle for his son is tough, looking pleasant.
Chris is strong, gentle, smart, hard worker, liked by people with a sense of humor, people may wonder why such people have fallen as they become homeless, but do not pursue deeply. I say that I can not win the daughters and daughters, but in the meantime American businessmen are in trouble. I was more concerned about the severeness of the competitive society, which is judged by the results that everything appeared in numbers than the success of this man.I think that it is painful for anything parents can not do enough things for children. Chris’ tears when I had to spend the night at the station’s toilet. I was feeling painful as my feelings came down. I thought that I was helpless and pitiful, I thought that my son was sorry, I thought that I should get out of this situation whatever I do. I think that various thoughts have expanded to the limit, and I think that it was already in the head. But none of them was bothered, I thought that Chris who really did not rely on anyone and did what he should do is really strong and clever human being.
As I look back on Chris’s diary, the days before being rewarded are depicted gently. Quiet and touching last. The red eccentric eyes of Chris tells us all the past and the beginning of the future. I can not help wishing that I am happy with my beloved son forever.


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