Shape of the Week Feb 19 – 23rd


  • Lesson: Energy Flow in Ecosystems
  • Assignment: Complete WS at the end of notes (in OneNote)
  • Wonder Project due tomorrow


  • Present Wonder Projects in small groups
  • Complete ADL10 Reflection portion of project
  • Check-In with Mr. Robinson


  • Introduce SET-BC Spheres Project
  • Topic Brainstorm:
    • Wonder Web
    • Group Graffiti


  • Form SET-BC Project groups
    • Group contract
  • Topic –> Question
  • Begin research

Friday: ProD (No classes)

Shape of the Week Feb 13 – 16


  • New Seats, New Peeps
  • 3 Truths
  • Introduction to Spheres Unit
  • Clam Gardens as an example of TEK assignment (due Thursday)


  • Work on Wonder Assignments – Due Tuesday Feb 20th


  • Connect with Nature – We’re going OUTSIDE! Dress appropriately.


  • Introducing Super Natural Riverside (SET-BC) video project
  • Topic brainstorm

Shape of the Week Feb 5 – Feb 8th


  • Ten Questions narrowed down to One Amazing Question (the focus of your Wonder Project) via SUPERBRAINSTORM with Ms. Henderson


  • Meet in the Library computer Lab with Ms. Henderson
  • Learn about resources available to us via Riverside Library
  • Research using Research Template provided


  • Back in Room 200 (finally!)
  • New Seats, New Peeps AND Three Truths and a Lie
  • Work on Wonder Projects


  • TBA

Monday Jan 8th

Welcome back everyone!

I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday.

The next two weeks (the final two weeks of the semester), we will be focusing on the Earth’s spheres.

  1. New Seats, New Peeps!
  2. Introduction to Spheres Unit – Traditional Ecological Knowledge
  3. Begin Clam Gardens Assignment

Note: tomorrow, we will be going outside (weather permitting). Please bring appropriate footwear and outerwear.

Wednesday Dec 20th

  1. Homework Check: DNA, Mutations and Cell Cycle Questions
  2. Lesson: Sexual Reproduction
  3. Assignment: Reproduction Graphic organizer
  4. Tomorrow: Biology Unit Test
    1. To help study: Biology Review

Monday Dec 11

Good morning!

Reminder: your electric house project blog post is due tomorrow. See blog checklist to ensure that you have included all the necessary elements.

  1. New seats, new peeps!
  2. With your new peep: Cell parts review matching
  3. When correctly matched, work on cell parts colouring activity
  4. Cell Parts Review Kahoot
  5. Lesson: The Nucleus and DNA
  6. DNA Kahoot

For tomorrow: complete colouring sheet AND electric house blog post

Monday Dec 4th

Today we will continue to work on our electric houses.

Before you begin working on the construction of your house, you will need to complete rough copies of the following:

  1. Four mandatory circuits
  2. Project Questions
    • It will be important that you experiment with sample circuits to ensure your answers are correct. You can use the circuit supplies available in class, or experiment with the online circuit simulator below:

Once you have shown rough copies of the above project criteria, you and your group members can continue to work on the construction of your house. You will be given one more class day to complete your houses.