Shape of the Week Feb 19 – 22nd


  • Uniform Acceleration Lesson
  • Assignment: pg 62 # 1 – 8 (omit #6)


  • Acceleration Lab


  • Kinematics Quiz
  • Acceleration Problems WS
  • Complete Acceleration Lab (due Thursday)


  • Free Falling Bodies Lesson
  • Assignment: pg 65 #1 – 4; pg 68 #1, 3

Friday: PRO-D Day (No classes)

Shape of the Week Feb 13 – 16


  • Position-Time Graph mini lab


  • Discuss yesterday’s P-T graphs
  • Measuring the Speed of a Model Car Lab (due Friday)


  • Warm-up questions: position-time graph
  • Lesson: Acceleration
  • Assignment: pg 52 #1 – 6


  • Lab due
  • Lesson: Uniform Acceleration
  • Assignment: pg 62 #1 – 8

Shape of the Week Feb 5 – Feb 9


  • Sig Figs and Unit Conversion Quizizz
  • Graphing Basics Lesson
  • Assignment: Graphing Practice WS; pg 29 (from wkbk) #2


  • Back in Room 200; New Seats, New Peeps!
  • Three Truths and a Lie
  • Graphing Lab


  • Introductory Unit Test
  • Assignment: read pg 37 – 39 in workbook (Distance, Position and Displacement). Complete pg 39 #1 – 3
  • Wire Lab due Thursday


  • Lesson: Intro to Kinematics – Speed and Velocity
  • Assignment #2: pg 46 #1 – 8; pg 44 #1 – 3


Monday Jan 8th

Welcome back everyone!

I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing vacation.

We have exactly two weeks left in Physics 11! See a tentative schedule for the next two weeks below.


  1. New Seats, New Peeps!
  2. Lesson 1: Frames of Reference and the Michelson-Morley experiment
  3. Assignment: Read Chapter 1 of “The New World of Mr. Tompkins” and complete the assigned reading questions.
    • Required documents are in Modern Physics Page

A look ahead at the next two weeks:

Thursday Nov 30

Today we will be doing a lab investigating the properties of waves.

In the first part of the lab, you will be creating different waves, filming them, and explaining them in an Edublog post.

In the second part of the lab, you will be using an online simulator to investigate the properties of waves. Click on the link below to complete the second part of your lab.

PhET Wave on a String Simulation

Wednesday Nov 15th

Energy Unit Review Day!

Assignment: Energy Review available in Energy documents

Note: today is the last day to get overdue assignments for the unit stamped. I will only stamp the review on test day.

Energy Unit Test tomorrow (Thursday Nov 16th)