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The mars rovers final days (english 11 bloglog)

As we have seen on the news and all-over social media, the mars rovers final mission came to a close. It was saddening for all who worked at NASA following its long journey. This article interested me because I have always been fond of space, and worlds beyond our own. When I has first heard the rover had died, I felt sad, because it provided us with so much information on what else is out there other then our world, and to see that all come to a close was sad. The author had a style of writing that felt like he was there at NASA when the rover said its final words. He was very descriptive while talking about the last mission and the emotions that everyone else felt. This article gave me a sense of inspiration that anything is possible, we where able to collect data from a planet we have never explored before and send it all the way back to our planet, and I find that amazing. This article was very insightful and educational to all the work and effort the NASA scientists do, and how they feel when one of their greatest missions comes to an end.