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hi I am leukodysrophy well a cell anyway i live inside a boy named Adam. My job is to affect Adams muscle tone, body movments, walking style, speech, how he eats food, eye sight, hearing, mental ability and behaviour, I was created in a genetic gene with and x-linked automosal ressesive, that means Adam could only inherit me from both of his parents that carried the gene. I am very Rare in children only 1 in four get leukodstrophy. Adam is amazing and I don’t ever want to leave him but he thinks different, he wants me to leave so bad I I don’t understand why it’s very risky to get rid of me and complicated and hard. He would have to go through a series of tests like physical examination, blood test, MRI scans and lots more. But my job is not easy I am the boss of everybody in the nervous system and the brain I have to tell everybody how to act and behave for example I have make shure that I disrupt Adams growth I have to disrupt the insulation on his nerve cells. but what I do only becomes worse and more complicated throughout time. Another big job that effects Adam the most with me is me and my other buddies have to make shure that white matter in his brain does nit generate properly and becomes deformed so Adam cannot do normal day to day things. As I become stronger Adams eyesight and hearing becomes weaker and I have more room to grow and become more powerful. But one day I noticed some of my other buddies whent missing they can’t be hard to find they look identical to me but wherever I looked they could not be found, within a few months I noticed I felt ill and was not that same It was like I was deteriorating into nothing I had never felt this weak in my life. I noticed Adam was going to the doctors a lot and the doctors where not helping with my plan to take over they mad it harder and me more weaker till one day I just gave up I was done and gone Adam seemed to be walking and moving all my hard work was just gone. Adam was now happy and joyful.


K12 periodic table app

How can I find data on elements easily and quickly?  I spend too much time looking up the indivdual physical properties of elements.

I could look each element up individually at the library and write everything in a notebook so that i could look them up.  This would be too time consuming because some information you have to dig a little deeper for.  You could look up each element individually and print everything you need to know and organize it in a spreadsheet.   This would take a long time too.  If I was looking for an app to use for looking up elements, I would look for one that can show you things you can’t usually find in a normal periodic table.  I would also want an app that would make my work easier as a student.  I would want something that  would provide good information quickly and easily.

The app I found is called K12 Periodic Table.  It was easily found on the app store and was free.

This app makes finding data on elements much easier.  The app has a great feature allowing you to look at the melting and boiling point of each element, number of atoms, number of protons, number of electrons and atomic number.  This app also shows the Lewis diagram for some elements. It also has settings to allow you to organize the elements by colour coding them by melting and boiling points.  You can change the settings to categorize the elements with the most outer orbitals,  organize by radius, ion radius, electronegativity and ionization energy. Another setting allows you to change the temperatures from Kelvin, Celsius and Fahrenheit.  You also have the option us use the traditional or expanded layout.  I preferred the  traditional layout.



To use this app you tap on the element you want to research and all of the data pops up in a block on the top of the screen.


This app is really easy to use and was easy to find on the app store.  It has most of the information that a high school student would need when studying the periodic table in science or chemistry class.   It is easy to navigate and is really user friendly.  The app could be better if it showed a photograph of each element if possible and showed a diagram of what the atoms would look  like. A photo of each element at it’s melting or boiling point would be useful too in understanding some of the properties of elements.   It doesn’t give a clear reading of the number of ions for the charge and are a little bit hard to find.  They could also offer an alphabetical list of elements so that you wouldn’t have to search the periodic table for what you are looking for if you don’t know where it is. I will probably keep this app on my device for future use.


Oxalic acid


oxalic acid is an organic compound found in plants such as: sorrel and rhubarb. It is known as one of the strongest organic acids. It is also used as bleach, cleaning chemicals, photography, bleaching, and ink removel. This acid melts at 189 degrees Celsius. It can cost around $95 to $155 you can order it on amazon or special websites. Keep away from your skin and eyes. On skin it can cause redness, skin burns, pain, and blisters. If in your eyes it can result in redness, pain, loss of vision, severe deep burns. If ingested it can result in sore throat, burning sensation, abdominal pain, vomiting, drowsiness, shock or collapse, convulsions. Around this acid you should where a lab coat of some kind of protection, googles and gloves. If oxalic acid is in food you ate it may result in kidney stones. Oxalic acid comes in liquids and also in a dehydrated powder form better suited for experiments or for when mellting it.