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In the book, I’ll Give You the Sun, the twins, Noah and Jude, begin very close, yet are complete opposites. Jude is popular, while Noah is a recluse. Noah finds companionship in the boy who moved next door, Brian, who collects stars and pieces of the universe in a suitcase. Noah begins to accept himself and his quirkiness, while falling in love with this strange boy.  After this happens, the twins’ mother dies. Jude, who was close with their cynical father, begins to resent her mother for favouring Noah. Noah thrives at the local high school and begins to become popular, Jude becomes a recluse and is an outcast at a special art school. She meets Oscar and the artist Guillermo, who change her life and teach her important lessons. She discovers forgiveness, grief, and the power of art to filter emotions and calm inner demons. Noah revisits his artistic and quirky side which has been lost since the death of their mother, and learns acceptance, and balance. In the end, both twins are happy and find themselves living by art, and love. Noah with the strange boy who collects stars, and Jude with the tall troublemaker with the crooked smile. Humans forget to be original and struggle to find acceptance. They need filters and to find their own forgiveness and acceptance within themselves, with the help of others. This book shows that although all of us are different, and change through time, each must find a way to accept those difference, and move on from the past.