Cascadia Subduction Zone Questions

1. This documentary used several pieces of evidence to support their claim that we are in a dangerous location. What were those pieces of evidence? List them.

-They can trace earthquakes in banks of rivers and streams and they found evidence of a big one about 300 years ago.

-A huge forest was killed (about 300 years ago)

-Natives have stories of a huge earthquake and tsunami before the Europeans came (about 300 years ago)

-In japan they recorded a Tsunami that they didn’t know where it came from 300 years ago.

-The Japanese said they’ve never seen anything like it, and the tsunami killed whole forests.

-Subduction zone earthquakes are worse because when it slips it send huge earthquake waves.

-The fault line goes from Oregon to British Coloumbia, making it effect a big range of places, and for a long time (about 5 minutes)

-Citites like Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver have huge populations, and a potential threat is Skyscrapers falling.

2. Using the list of evidence above, explain why one of those pieces of evidence alone is not enough, but why together they make the documentary’s argument credible.

-The native story that there was a huge earthquake and tsunami, they can’t prove to us that it happend.

-But finding proof of an Earthquake in the soil of the riverbank and a forest destroyed by a tsunami (both 300 years ago).

3. This documentary comments on the destruction a seismic event could have on Vancouver. Describe what you learned from this documentary on how Vancouver could be impacted.


-since we are sheltered by Vancouver Island I don’t think the Tsunami will reach us.

-long duration of Earthquake effecting buildings and people’s lives.

Stretch the kitchen


We made brownies, and put them in a muffin tin but all the batter wasn’t enough to fill the muffin tin. So we put water in the empty ones. While cooking it got in the brownies, so we only ended up with 2 edible brownies. I made icing, with cinnamon and the icing was the best icing I have ever had, I added sprinkles too and I only have 1 word, Yum.

11.3 Probability in Society

What effect does milk have on growth

This is a survey on how milk has effected he height of Dutch men.

Average height before drinking 25% more milk: 5’4

Average height after drinking 25% more milk for 200 years: 6’0

the dutch society started drinking more milk and over the centuries, there height grew taller. This survey shows that milk may have an impact on your height.

if you drink more milk, there is a probability that you will be taller

after reading this my opinion of how milk makes you taller got stronger



1.)  Some statistics are un valid opinions of random people. But we shouldn’t ignore statistics because opinions are mostly right and they put it out for a reason, if your a business owner or a politician you want to make everyone happy so you do what they statistics say (opinions of the people) to make more money or get voted in. Statistics are what the people want in society put it numbers, tables, graphs and charts.

2.) “86% of statistics are made up on the spot, you know – the remaining 24% are mathematically flawed.- from an internet message board.”

In statistics I learned most statistics are just thoughts without putting much think into it, also I learned that they are very uselful to hear about facts of what is better, and people’s opinions. So you can make the best desicion.

3.) you don’t know how valid they are, it could be an 80 year old guy in jail on his computer doing online surveys for all you know, and he may not answer correctly or knoledgfuly.


1919 Quebec Prohibition

When I first read this, I was confused because I never never alcohol was Probited. Maybe back then they thought it was bad but now since we have had it for 100 year we think it’s not bad rather good.

Should sale of light beer, cider, and wines be allowed?

yes mostly except, maybe ethics because beliefs, also this was a depressing time of war so that could help.

78.62% voted yes, I agree it should be allowed too.