Indonesia Tsunami

What caused it?

Well firstly it’s right on a fault line. Then a 7.5 magnitude earthquake occurred In Indonesia. Shortly after a Tsunami  took place, and generally speaking tsunamis follow earthquake. Scientists Beleive an underwater Landslide triggered it.

How it affected the sociospheare?

The Taunami hit Palu, Indonesia. Like most disasters it left a huge impact on the people. This left about 1350 people dead, and a lot injured. A lot of people are left without food and water so they end up having to take from stores. The police let them take stuff for basic needs, but some people started taking computers and TVs so they got busted. The people are all trying to get out because they have limited food and water. “We had no clean water or food and all we have is the clothes we are wearing,” there are community kitchens that provide food though. So this tragedy broke and killed so many lives. It mostly will affect the city in the long run leaving it in rebuild mode, and without food and water. It will be hard to recover because it is poor



Molarity Lab

I used Copper (II) Chloride and added Dihydrate(water) to the substance, to make the solution

These were my calculations to convert Molarity and Volume of CuCl2 and 2H2O into the mass of CuCl2

This is what 1.71g of CuCl2 looks like

This is CuCl2 added to water (dihydrate)

We added more water

And mixed it, and this is what the solution looks like.

Careers and Conversation Reflection

Careers and Conversation Reflection

Has anyone ever asked you what you want to be when you grow up? Some of you know what you want to be, but some of you can’t name one job that interests you, out of all 5 billion jobs In the world. These interviews gave me a different point of view on my future jobs, and I’ll be telling you what my point of veiw now is.

I spoke to Mike Whittaker, Ken Britton, Jay Wu, Vadim Egoroz, Sara Bynoe and Jessica Callegaro. I learned a lot, What I learned from Mike Whittaker was the most valuable. I learned if you have a passion for something you can make a job out of it, if you are really love shoes for instants, you could be a shoes designer. If you love tea, you can be a tea tester. If you love trees you can be a tree planter. And these are just 3 of the 5,000,000,000 jobs. You can make a job out of your interests, my interests are designing and basketball. Off the top of my head jobs I could be a basketball player, basketball equipment designer, architect, or a General manager for a Basketball team. If I choose a job that highly insterests me not only will I make money, but I will enjoy it. Imagine having a job you absolutely hate, but you make good money. You go to work 6 times a week, you make money to be happy and live a good life. But if your doing a job you hate so you’re not living a good life because your spending a good amount of your life doing something you hate doing(30% of your life working). In these interviews I learned I should pick a job that interests me. Ken Britton really inspired be because he said Quality is more important than length of work. You can spend 30 minutes on quality, and it will be better than 10 days of bad quality. Also Jessica Callegaro said “be you, and don’t let anyone control what you want to be.” Sara Bynoe taught me, my brain lasts longer than body. Lastly Vadim Egoroz said something that really inspired me. “Everything starts off from idea, into masterpiece.”

Jay wu is an architect and I was very interested, I see myself being some type of architect in the future, because I really enjoy creating things. I have the soft skills and hard skills, I am co-operative with people, I’m creative, positive, and hardworking and Those are the skills I need for Architecture.

To conclude my day learning about careers through Conversation. I learned that you can make a job out of pretty much anything, you should pick a job you are interested in, quality of work is better than length of work, don’t let anyone control what you wanna be, my brain lasts longer than my body, and everything starts off from an idea into a masterpiece . This was very valuable experience because I had a glimpse about jobs, and inspired me to be me, and do what interests me. I learned a lot, it was very valuable now that I know all this information. You learn a lot from questions.