Foods 11 November/December/January Lab Reflection

Witches Fingers (Halloween)

1. The lab is fun, the witches finger is amazing and interesting, and it’s also taste special. It’s very special to me, so I choose this lab.

2. I enjoy this lab, because the cookie of this lab is very special, the shape of the cookie is the witches finger, it’s attractive to me, so I enjoy the lab.

3.My product turn out the way I had hoped, the careful and team work helped us made nice Witches Fingers.

4.Our group work well together during the lab, each one of us have a mission clearly, we work well together.

5.If I would to do this lab again, I will add more sugar, because I think the cookie we have made is a little salty, if it can be sweeter, that will taste very good.

Canadian Studies Arctic

2. The Inuit were mainly hunters, and relied heavily on the animals of the Arctic as their main source of food. Since very little vegetation could survive in the Arctic climate, the Inuit could not depend solely on plants for food. I think I can eat the same food, and I can also live in  Arctic’s houses, because I like to try the new life.

3. On one hand being described as a humanitarian gesture to save the lives of starving native people and enable them to continue a subsistence lifestyle; and on the other hand, said to be a forced migration instigated by the federal government to assert its sovereignty in the Far North by the use of “human flagpoles”, in light of both the Cold War and the disputed territorial claims to the Arctic archipelago. Both sides acknowledge that the relocated Inuit were not given sufficient support to prevent extreme privation during their first years after the move.

4. Because they are the indigenous inhabitants in the land, they stay in the land for a long time, they are growing for a long time, so there are so many of them, the number did not surprise me, because I have a lot of people in my home country, so I feel normal.

Engineering Brightness Artifacts of Learning

Because of the Dominican Republic lack electricity, so we try to help them address light poverty problem, we came up with ways to provide electricity for them, and we had a vedio call with them to understand situations, during the call, the students asked questions about there to them, then we knew more question by this Vedic call. We found some energy-saving lamps to help them solve the problem of electric lighting.





My Environmental Interactions

Interactions Content: When the battery  runs out, I will wrap the battery and throw into the recyclable trash. When I run out of water, I turn off the water every time. Never bleach when washing clothes. Rarely use plastic bags, can not do not. Unused lights are turned off.

Choices: Turn off the water when it is used up. Eat how much to buy, do not waste food. The food packaging should be thrown into the trash can not readily dropped on the ground.

Changes: We should not overfishing, should be appropriate fishing. To reduce the number of chemical plants and pollution levels, and away from residential areas. The amount of fertilizer used should be appropriate, not too much can not be too little.

Post Format: We should protect our environment from pollution, save resources and not waste.

How do cells multiply

Reproduction Content: While asexual reproduction only involves one organism, sexual reproduction requires both a male and a female. Some plants and unicellular organisms reproduce asexually. Most mammals and fish use sexual reproduction. Some organisms like corals and komodo dragons can reproduce either sexually or asexually. But in the long term (over several generations), lack of sexual reproduction compromises their ability to adapt to the environment because they do not benefit from the genetic variation introduced by sexual reproduction.

Meiosis Content: Meiosis is a division of the number of chromosomes in biological cells by half. Sex cell division, chromosome replication only once, the cells split two times in succession, which is the chromosome number halved a special division. Meiosis is not only a mechanism to ensure the stability of the number of chromosomes, but also a mechanism for species to adapt to the changing environment. The result of meiosis is that the number of chromosomes in mature germ cells is less than half that of primordial germ cells. Meiosis is a range of organisms that undergo sexual reproduction; the period is from primordial germ cells to mature germ cells.

Mitosis Contect: Mitosis refers to the process by which a eukaryotic cell divides to produce somatic cells. Mitosis, also known as indirect division, was first discovered in 1882 by W. Fleming and E. Strasburger in 1880. Characterized by the presence of spindle chromosomes, sub-chromosomes are evenly distributed to daughter cells, this division is generally found in higher animals and plants (animals and higher plants). Mitosis of animal cells and higher plant cells is different.

Content on how organisms grow:  Every living organism begins life as a single cell. Unicellular organisms may stay as one cell but they grow too. Multicellular organisms add more and more cells to form more tissues and organs as they grow.