Canadian Studies Arctic

2. The Inuit were mainly hunters, and relied heavily on the animals of the Arctic as their main source of food. Since very little vegetation could survive in the Arctic climate, the Inuit could not depend solely on plants for food. I think I can eat the same food, and I can also live in  Arctic’s houses, because I like to try the new life.

3. On one hand being described as a humanitarian gesture to save the lives of starving native people and enable them to continue a subsistence lifestyle; and on the other hand, said to be a forced migration instigated by the federal government to assert its sovereignty in the Far North by the use of “human flagpoles”, in light of both the Cold War and the disputed territorial claims to the Arctic archipelago. Both sides acknowledge that the relocated Inuit were not given sufficient support to prevent extreme privation during their first years after the move.

4. Because they are the indigenous inhabitants in the land, they stay in the land for a long time, they are growing for a long time, so there are so many of them, the number did not surprise me, because I have a lot of people in my home country, so I feel normal.

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