This week we didn’t really learn anything new, our main focus was reviewing for the midterm coming up so this week, for my top 3 things I decided to review, I just had a list of random questions I would study for the test so I just picked 3 different questions, all from different units.

I didn’t really have a problem with any unit but I just needed to review everything because as we moved on to the next units, I slowly started forgetting the previous ones.

My first question is from the first unit: Series and Sequences, this was the easiest unit for me but the formula I used to answer this question is: S_{n} = a(1-r^n) ÷ 1-r

My second question was on Quadratics and the restrictions on x, for some reason, I always struggled with finding restrictions, now that I learned how to properly do them, they’re really easy for me but I never knew which numbers to actually plug in, so I had to review a few of these questions:

The last question is about finding x-intercepts: this equation was already in general form so I didn’t have to complete the square but I did have to factor it to find the x-intercepts and I showed all my work:

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