Week 4 PreCalc 11

This week in PreCalc we learned about solving radical equations. I learned how to take an ugly equation like this one 4=\sqrt{-2x} +3 and simplify it.


To do so you have to state the restrictions of x(it’s mostly x>=0), then isolate x (if needed). Then you have to get rid of the square root by squaring it, then isolate x again. Then you have an answer. But you must check that it works by doing it again but by replacing x with what number you got and checking the restrictions.


Week 3 PreCalc 11

This week in precalc we learned about simplifying radical expressions, I learned how to change mixed radicals into entire radicals and how to change entire radicals into mixed radicals.

To change a mixed radical(5\sqrt[4]{2}) into entire radicals($latex \sqrt[4]{1250}), this is what you need to do

To change it from a entire radical to a mixed radical, this is what you do.

Week 2 Pre Calc 11

This week I learned about Finite geometric series, I learned how to find t_n and I also learned how to find the sum of t_1 to t_n.

To find t_n you need t_1 and the common ratio.

So say I was trying to find t_(15), so t_1=4 and the common ratio is 3. This is what you would do.

Then to find the sum of all the 15 t’s, you would add t_1 + t_2 + t_3 +…etc. But the easier way to do it would be to do this.


My arithmetic sequence

t_1 = 3, t_2 = 10, t_3 = 17, t_4 = 24, t_5 = 31.

So 3, 10, 17, 24, 31…

t_{50}?   S_{50}?

what I would do first is find out what is t_{50}.





Now I need to find S_50.





So t_{50}=346 and S_{50}=8725.

Week 1 Pre Calc 11

This short week we learned about sequences but more importantly we learned how to get whatever number from the sequence.

Basically if t_1 was 5, then t_2 was 10, and t_3 then with what we learned I could find out what was t_{45}.

this is how.

This is what I learned this past week!