Chem 12 pH Candy lab

  • Purpose
    • To find the pH and Concentration of an everyday acid.
  • Procedure
    • If a solid, crush the candy and dissolve it in 50.0ml of water
      • If need be filter it afterwards
    • Titrate 10ml samples of acid with 0.10M NaOH three times
    • Use titration data to find [acid] and pH
  • Materials
    • Citric acid (Chemical compound goes here)
    • NaOH
    • Beaker
    • Graduated cylinder
    • Phenolphthalein
  • Data
    • 61g of citric acid (H3C6H5O7)
    • 10M NaOH
Trial # Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3
Volume initial 50ml 50ml 50ml
Volume final 47.3ml 46.4ml 46.7ml
Neutralization vol 2.7ml 3.6ml 3.3ml
  • Neutralization vol average = 3.2ml


  • Calculations
  • 61g * 1 mol/192g = 2.40*10-2 mol
  • 40*10-2 mol * 1/3.2*10-3 L = [7.50M] Citric acid
  • pH= -log[7.50M] pH= 0.88
  • Conclusion
    • Citric acid is pinkish in color
    • The pH of H3C6H5O7 is 0.88 and its concentration in a 10ml solution is 7.50M

Torque Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Lab

Torque is a rotational force that is a product of the distance from the fulcrum to the force applied and the perpendicular force applied itself. This begs the question, what does Torque have to do with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?






















Any pressure point or submission hold requires torque and an application of force in order to inflict the pressure they need to even function.

Desmos Art Functions Card 2018

 Link to graph

I have ran into many challenges with this functions card, mainly just confusion as to how I could get the desired and fitting result. Some road blocks was what the desired function/relation’s equation, and another was a problem I had with the constant functions, as I didn’t know to have only a piece of it shown, which is done through matrices. For both these problems I sought and found the answer online.  At times a had issues with as to what function to use, which was easily solved through creating a base function and then looking at how I could transform it, determining if it worked and moving onto another function if it did not.  Out of all the hurdles with making it, the one that I had questions about from the beginning was how would I get the hair to work. Through testing I had an “aha” moment in realizing that the sum of a parabola and a cosine graph would work splendidly. The project helped me better understand transformations with accuracy of the transformations effect.


Dead Poets Society


The movie Dead Poets Society is about being a free-thinking individual, and with a central message of seizing every moment of everyday and living life to its fullest. It heavily contrasts from the poem “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow” as the poem is of Macbeth loathing that every morrow and every tomorrow would be the same as the one before it, a mundane life that in the end, will mean nothing; however Dead Poets Society is about seizing the day to achieve a life of enjoyment and meaning to live ones life to their fullest.

The movie gives a good representation of what the time was like. I enjoyed the movie, but I don’t have a specific reason.

2 reasons why the kids in The Lord of the Flies won’t live to 20yrs old

I see… you’re telling me that some odd number of kids, with the oldest being about 13yrs old and the youngest at about 6yrs old are surviving on an island without any medical capabilities and only one having some general knowledge? As well as that they’ve been there for months at least? Well, something unnatural is afoot, they wouldn’t have lasted that long otherwise.

1.   Complete lack of medicinal knowledge or abilities

The fact that none of them have any idea of medicine would mean that a simple scratch or wound would easily be fatal, and the book mentions that people are defecating anywhere as well as only having a water bath for cleaning themselves.



2.   Only one person has general knowledge and awareness


Only one of the kids has some general intellect and understanding of how things work, as well as knowledge of what is needed to be done in order to survive. However, he is for the most part ignored because he doesn’t do any manual labor, even if he’s trying to make simple, yet helpful technology






What it means to be human Blk C

Humans need to communicate

Humans want to be happy.

Humans want to connect

Humans need friends/companions

Humans like to help

Humans can be empathetic

Humans need hopes and dreams

Humans sometimes strive for knowledge and improvement

Humans are scared of each other

Humans abuse power

Humans are selfish

Humans are violent

Humans are inventive and innovative

Humans are resilient and with unity, may overcome adversity

Humans are diverse

Humans can be accepting

Humans are curious

The novel The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis is about an eleven year-old girl named Parvana living in a town under Taliban control. Her father would read letters for the illiterate and sell what they didn’t need for money to feed his family but, eventually he is arrested for having a foreign education, leaving no one to work for the family. Parvana was the only person whom could resemble a boy in order to work for the money that her family needed and so she willingly cut her hair and assumed the appearance of a boy. afterwards, she began performing the job her father did and read letters for the illiterate, sacrificing her own wants and wishes in order to provide for her family. This showed and taught me the lengths that people can and will go to in order to support those closest to them and showing me an example of self-sacrifice.