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1. How has the exploration of “The Crucible,” deepen your understanding of diverse, complex ideas about identity, others, and the world?

Allowing myself to furthermore explore and research the many possible themes in “The Crucible”I was able to realize many things about humanity for one they strive to be looked upon in a “positive” manner. Humans will do anything even lie when it comes about to make themselves look better, their reputation is not important that their honesty. In our world, we still strive to fit-in and change our behavior and our personalities in order to achieve this. Today in society and in “The Crucible” the need to fit in is actually a result of the fear of being different.

2. How have you personally connected to, “The Crucible?”

I personally connect with “The Crucible”, I hate to admit it, but I used to find myself changing and altering my personality in order to make some find me desirable as a friend. When I was younger I was afraid to tell people that I was a Christian because I didn’t want to be labeled. This connects with “The Crucible” because most of the main characters lie about who they are to better their reputation.


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