physics 11 – projectile launcher

In physics 11, we  did Projectile Launcher lab to figure out time and initial velocity of the bullet. The first lab, we set the projectile gun to almost 90 degrees. and shot the bullets to the sky. When we shot the bullets, we set the timer and we got time. But it was not accurate time. On the other hand, in second lab, we took the video when we shot the gun, and we moved the video to software. we used time to using the software. Moreover, when we tried to do second lab, we tried to do better than first lab.

Part 1

part 2Lab Part 2

conclusion Lab 2 conclusion


Core Competent Canadians

Question 1:What did you know about the Core Competencies before this activity?

Answer: No, I’ve never heared about Core Competencies. So I was a little nervous. But this activity was funny and easy. So I felt good.

Question: How can your knowledge of the Core Competencies help you in your school life? Personal life?

Answer: Core Competencies created a passion for studying. The  impressive person is Terry Fox. Because he donated money for patients who have cancer.

So he is very impressive person. And i proud of him. I want to live like him.