Electro Magnetism Project – Tobiasz Majerkiewicz – Physics 12

Electromagnetism Project

Tobiasz Majerkiewicz 

Block C

Physics 12

In our project we created a small generator out of copper wire, a magnet, some paper clips , and a base stand. The way this motor causes the coiled copper wire to spin is because of the present magnetic fields In electromagnetism the electrons on the copper wire move in the presence of a magnetic field. In this case the force being created is causing a vertical rotation of the coil weight causing it to spin like a disc. This type of motor that we have created is called a homopolar motor. A homopolar motor is defined as a direct current electric motor with two magnetic poles, the conductors of which always cut unidirectional lines of magnetic flux by rotating the conductor around the fixed axis so the conductor is at right angles to a static magnetic field. This is how our project works and below you can find a photo a video demonstration.

(Video Demonstration and Photos will be inserted soon)


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