Three Things Why I Never Want Jack As a Boyfriend

Jack plays an important role in novel “Lord of the flies”, he even became the chief of the group and got adored while his personifications does not deserve the title.

  • Lack of the ability of self-knowledge and self- examination 🙁


“I ought to be chief,”   “because I’m chapter chorister and head boy. I can sing C sharp.”  During the election, it’s dumb of Jack to think he could be leader because he could sing C sharp. Singing would never be the standard to evaluate someone who’s capable enough of being a leader or not. Clearly, what Jack said was exactly an act of mature. All girls wish to have a boyfriend who is humble, energetic and positive. You have to know who you are. Your advantages, your disadvantages, your strength, your weakness, your opportunities and so on. Then you will have a complete realization for yourself. For Jack this kind of people what he lacks is the ability to have a self-examination for himself so he does not his shortcoming and forte of him of being the leader.


  • Boring and tasteless relationship 🙁

In chapter three, Ralph was having an argument with Jack. He asked Jack to do some contribution but all Jack want was hunting. According to that, readers can see how boring Jack was. Wondering about this, if you are in relationship with someone, you wish days with him were memorable and make every moment count, however what your boyfriend got in his hand was only games, games and games like Jack only cares about hunting, hunting and hunting. He never prepares you a gift or surprise you on your anniversary, he does not like having to be responsible for the relationship, for himself, and for you. He doesn’t say this, but we can see it by how he acts.

  • Arrogant 🙁


Jack’s most deadly killing part of personality would be arrogant. He never shows his patience to littileluns and treated pigs rudely. When the boy was a birthmark on his face first mentioned there was a beast on the island, Jack did not choose to deny but he admitted indirectly. He wanted to prove to the boys that he was brave and was not afraid of the beast at all.  Jack’s speech seems like a promise to the boys but was more like a destruction to their hope.



A boyfriend who is boring, lives a tasteless life; who is negative and always overconfident; who is arrogant and impatient to others, next step definitely would be game over, and break up.

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