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Now and Then

Adolescence now and then-105rp2h


From my perspective on this I feel like adolescence now and then do have a fair share of similarities, we can relate on sports and types of music our love life or it could be the same, the differences that I see in adolescence now and then is that we may have a different career path that we are taking and have more advanced technology or toys that they might not have when they were younger because each day that goes by we seem to invent more and more. Each and every person has a different life, some from what I have seen adolescence before had more of a laid back and not have to worry about being out too late but for my grandma she had a different life she was not allowed to go out most of the time or hang around with friends, it really depends on how your family raises and treats you. I would stay where I am right now I wouldn’t want to grow up back then because I like living how I am today.

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