Math Tutor Journal

So at this point in the year, people reading this will have obviously realized that I’m not really writing about things I taught at math support because there wasn’t really anything to write about. However, another thing that I have done is try to shape and structure the words I have written to a point where my words can subconsciously trick you into thinking I actually know what I’m talking about about, but I really don’t. See I could have gotten into English 10 honours next year, but I was too lazy to find my English teacher to sign my course selection sheet for that, so now I’m just trying to find as many outlets as possible to showcase my mediocre writing skills that somehow got me an A in English and a trip to the spoken word festival even though I pretty much stopped completing homework during literature circles. See? I just tricked you into reading about my English class even though I have this post titled as math tutor journal. This is why it was so easy for me to get 100 speechcraft in skyrim and I can’t believe these are the dopey thoughts going throught my mind while waiting for someone…ANYONE to ask me something relevant to math.

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